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John Salvatore Master Class

Sunday, January 29 from 9am-11:30am

John Salvatore, originally from New York, moved to Las Vegas in 2008. John started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2000 and became certified as an instructor in the spring of 2001. As a former dancer, John has endured many injuries and surgeries, including a double hip replacement. This yoga has been his medicine. Practicing Bikram yoga every day, he continues to heal his mind, body and soul and attributes his positive state of mind to the 90 minute powerful and restorative practice in the hot room. John just completed a nine year run as an actor in the hit show Jersey Boys in Las Vegas.

John teaches a master class that runs two and a half hours. It’s a combination between a regular beginning class, a posture clinic and an interactive class. During the workshop, he will stop to give tips, corrections, adjustments and go a bit further into detail about the asanas. Because the class keeps moving, you will be sure to get a challenging workout!

The Cost for the Master Class is $40.00. This will sell out, please reserve early. Reserve your spot at the studio or online.

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